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B christmas2/Short/M B christmas/Short/M B christmas bell/Short/S

B cupcake/Short/S

B rose/Short/S B flower/Short/S

B ballerina/Short/M B swan /Short/S/M

B tripping on acid/Short/M

B tripping on acid/Short/M
B gray/High/XS B unique/High/XS

B new purple/Short/S B orchidee2/Short/S B cold blue/Short/S

B bubble black/High/S B zebra pink/High/XS B position turquoise/Short/L

B neon orange green /High/XL B neon orange/High/XL B neon pink/Short/S

B white/Short/S

B white/High/S

B little prince/white/XShort/S

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B turquoise pink/Short/S

B crumpled blue/High/M


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Edge & Elastic Colours:

Beige Wine/Dark Turquoise/Light
Yellow Wine/Light Green
Orange Purple White
Red Blue/Royal Gray Beige/Light
Pink/Dark Blue/Light Gray
Pink/Light Turquoise/Dark Black




Create your own Bdesigner!

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All Bbooties are produced using high quality printing.

Send us any picture/design! (if possible, high resolution)

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